Get involved in The National Professional Standards Project for Ministry Agents!

The National Professional Standards project is underway, and participation is invited from all interested parties. The principal aims of the project is to undertake a comprehensive review of professional standards for Ministry Agents in the Uniting Church, to enhance consistency in processes and operations, to provide clarity over the role of ministry and to help define the relationship between the Minister and the Church. “The aim is not to force people to accept a change in the culture of the Church but to inspire them to contribute to enhancing it, encouraging an ‘adaptive’ change that is considered and which may take time to perfect.” Colleen Geyer, Gen Sec UCA Australia.

The desired outcome is that the National Professional Standards will support an ‘enhanced engagement culture’ which characterises a ‘people centred’ approach that empowers Ministry Agents to be the best they can be. In its development the National Professional Standards will address the variances in processes, systems and monitoring, will aim to provide clarity around roles and responsibilities and will examine the various issues around confidentiality that currently exist across synods and presbyteries. In summary the National Professional Standards aims to provide clearly defined professional standards, provide context for their application within various ministries, and establish clearer responsibilities for oversight and accountability.

The project approach aims to work collaboratively to find solutions to issues which have been identified as hindering the provision of quality ministry within the Uniting Church in Australia. The goal is to work together to promote and create resources to support and empower Ministry Agents to be the best they can be. It is envisaged that these ‘Standards’ designed in collaboration will be a living document which is constantly reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of the Church.

The National Professional Standards will:
·       Tie all Ministry Agent related obligations together;
·       Promote confidence – for both ministers and the public in terms of them knowing what conduct is expected in the various ministry environments;
·       Provide direction and a framework for appropriate behaviour for ministers;
·       Promote the relationship of mutual trust between ministry agents and the Church;

There is opportunity for all Members of the Uniting Church in Australia to get behind this project and contribute to strengthen and develop the Church.

How you can get involved
There are three ways that you can get involved; by contributing to exemplar work, by being involved in feedback groups and/or by taking the survey.
Exemplar Resources
The National Professional Standards aims to provide exemplar principles, guidelines, processes and policies which can be used completely or adapted to facilitate localised needs. As a number of Synods and Presbyteries have already established very valuable and beneficial resources that they currently use to manage ‘Standards’ within their settings, it is hoped that these can be made available nationally. These tried and tested resources can be used to form the basis of the Resource Framework of the National Professional Standards. Therefore you are invited to contribute your developed resources to be considered as exemplar guidelines, policies and processes for use in the National Framework of Resources

Feedback Clusters
Synods and presbyteries are forming groups of people known as Feedback Clusters who will join together to contribute opinion and expertise to the development of the National Professional Standards.
Take the survey
A survey has been created aimed primarily at Ministry Agents but open to all those with an interest in developing professional standards, to collect opinion on how best to support and facilitate excellence in ministry. The results will be fed into the development process and help guide the content. By adding your opinion, you help to make the National Professional Standards more applicable and robust in the task of supporting Ministry Agents.
To complete the survey, click here. Tip! check your junk mail for the link verifying your email address.

For FAQ on the National Professional Standards click here.

For further information on the National Professional Standards contact Patricia Mc Gurren

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