Service of Closure for Rev Brian Hoole & Special Presbytery Meeting

19/01/2020 @ 2:00 pm
Glebe Road Uniting Church

Service of Closure for Rev Brian Hoole and Special Presbytery Meeting

Please be advised that the above date has been put aside for two special Presbytery events as we celebrate the service of Rev Brian Hoole, and receive a name brought forward by the Joint Nominating Committee on behalf of Bremer Brisbane. We encourage you to attend both these important gatherings.

See the information below for details.

  1. Service of Closure:  There will be a service of closure for our Presbytery Minister Rev Brian Hoole on the 19th January 2020  commencing 2pm at Glebe Road Uniting Church.  Please bring a plate to share.


  1. The Chairperson of the Presbytery is calling a special meeting of the Presbytery on Sunday 19th January  2020 at 3.15pm at Glebe Road Uniting Church in order or the  Joint Nominating Committee to bring a name to the Presbytery for the position of Presbytery Minister.

See Regulations below

(a) The chairperson shall convene a special meeting: (i) if in the opinion of the chairperson, urgent business warrants the holding of a special meeting; or (ii) on written request from at least seven members of the Presbytery or a number representing at least 10% of the members of the Presbytery, whichever is the greater.

(b) At least fourteen days’ notice of a special meeting of the Presbytery shall be given to each member in writing. The notice shall state the nature of the business to be considered.

(c) The business of a special meeting shall be restricted to the matters listed in the notice convening the meeting.

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